LocationCPURAMStorageUplink - BandwidthIPsSetup FeeBasic Price
United StatesIntel Core i38GB - 32GB2x Disks1Gbps Shared - Unmetered1 IPv4Free€40 /mConfigure Now
United StatesIntel Core i58GB - 32GB2x Disks1Gbps Shared - Unmetered1 IPv4Free€43 /mConfigure Now
United StatesIntel Xeon E3 1241 v38GB - 32GB2x Disks1Gbps Shared - Unmetered1 IPv4Free€70 /mConfigure Now
United StatesIntel Xeon E3-1240 v58GB - 64GB4x Disks1Gbps Shared - Unmetered1 IPv4Free€80 /mConfigure Now
United StatesIntel Xeon E5 2450L8GB - 128GB4x Disks1Gbps Shared - Unmetered1 IPv4Free€90 /mConfigure Now
United StatesIntel Xeon 2x E5-2450L8GB - 128GB4x Disks1Gbps Shared - Unmetered1 IPv4Free€120 /mConfigure Now
United StatesIntel Xeon 2x E5-2620 v48GB - 256GB8x Disks1Gbps Shared - Unmetered1 IPv4Free€200 /mConfigure Now
LocationCPURAMStorageUplink - BandwidthIPsSetup FeeBasic Price
NetherlandsIntel Core i3-210016GB - 32GB2x Disks100Mbps - Unmetered1 IPv4Free€60 /mConfigure Now
NetherlandsIntel Xeon E3-1230v316GB - 32GB2x Disks100Mbps - Unmetered1 IPv4Free€65 /mConfigure Now
NetherlandsIntel Xeon E5-165016GB - 128GB2x Disks100Mbps - Unmetered1 IPv4Free€65 /mConfigure Now
NetherlandsIntel Xeon E3-1271v316GB - 32GB2x Disks100Mbps - Unmetered1 IPv4Free€79 /mConfigure Now
NetherlandsIntel Xeon E3-1280v216GB - 32GB2x Disks100Mbps - Unmetered1 IPv4Free€79 /mConfigure Now
NetherlandsIntel Xeon 2x E5-2623v316GB - 256GB4x Disks100Mbps - Unmetered1 IPv4Free€115 /mConfigure Now
NetherlandsIntel Xeon E3-1650v416GB - 128GB2x Disks100Mbps - Unmetered1 IPv4Free€133 /mConfigure Now
NetherlandsIntel Xeon 2x E5-267016GB - 256GB4x Disks100Mbps - Unmetered1 IPv4Free€155 /mConfigure Now
NetherlandsIntel Xeon 2x E5-2643v216GB - 256GB4x Disks100Mbps - Unmetered1 IPv4Free€210 /mConfigure Now
NetherlandsIntel 2x Xeon Gold 613016GB - 256GB4x Disks100Mbps - Unmetered1 IPv4Free€430 /mConfigure Now

Why HostBrink Dedicated Servers

vps network availability

Network Availability

Backed by our enterprise-certified datacenters, multiple uplinks, redundant data imaging, our servers are packed with reliability, and a 99% uptime promise.

hostbrink low price server

Competitive Pricing

HostBrink works hard with our hardware vendors to purchase our equipment at competitive pricing to offer to our customers as well.

hostbrink friendly support

Superior Support

Top notch support is always there when you need it. We understand that problems and issues develop that require fast response, and we are here to deliver.

hostbrink enterprise hardware quality

Enterprise Hardware

Our servers are built with enterprise hardware with addition of proven security techniques, support, & easy to use control panel.